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Samurai in Brazil

Ancient Men

Tai Chi Beats Aerobic Exercise for Fibromyalgia

Compared with aerobic exercise, the traditional martial art of tai chi is as good as, or better than, aerobic exercise, for improving the overall severity of fibromyalgia symptoms, new research shows.
Results of a 52-week single-blind trial showed that in addition to fibromyalgia symptom relief, tai chi was associated greater improvements in depression, anxiety, self-efficacy, and the mental component of the Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36) quality-of-life measure.
"Compared with aerobic exercise, the most commonly prescribed non-drug treatment, tai chi appears as effective as or better for managing fibromyalgia," the investigators, led by Chenchen Wang, MD, Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts, write. "This mind-body approach may be considered a therapeutic option in the multidisciplinary management of fibromyalgia."
The study was published online March 21 in the BMJ. More info in Medscape 

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Significado de OK

OK ou Okay (em inglês) é uma expressão utilizada quando algo está bemcorreto 
ou que foi compreendido. É dito no sentido de afirmação ou aceitação de algo.
Ok é uma expressão de origem desconhecida e etimologia bastante discutida.
Alguns estudiosos acreditam que a primeira vez que o termo apareceu foi em 23 de Março
de 1839 no jornal "Boston Morning Post", portanto muitas pessoas atribuem a autoria ao 
editor do jornal, Charles Gordon Greene.
Saiba mais sobre o significado de Okay.

Muitos também afirmam que o termo é de origem alemã, uma deformação da expressão All Correct (por "Oll Korrekt"), que significa "está tudo correto".

Existe também outra teoria que afirma ser a palavra de origem indígena norte-americana 
Okeh, que era a língua nativa dos índios Choctaw e significava "sim".

Muitos opinam que a origem do termo é da Grécia, já que O.K. são as iniciais da expressão grega Ola Kala, que significa "tudo está bem".

Outras teorias indicam que OK pode ter uma origem africana e que foi trazida para os EUA 
pelos escravos, e deriva da expressão "hoc ille” ou do “occitano oc" que significa "sim".

Alguns historiadores alegam que a expressão pode ter surgido durante a Guerra Civil dos 
Estados Unidos, pois quando não havia nenhuma baixa nos campos de batalha anotava-se "0 killed" (nenhum morto), que na sua forma abreviada corresponde a 0K.

Outra teoria afirma ainda que na época da escravidão nos EUA, quando os escravos 
trabalhavam nos campos de algodão do sul, os capatazes davam uma autorização em 
francês chamada “auquai”, que era entendida como “ollkway”, pelos não-franceses, e que significava “sim” ou “confirmado”.

Uma teoria muito discutida fala sobre um sinal com a mão utilizado pelos soldados norte-americanos, o qual significa que está tudo bem. Este sinal lembra um "O" formado com os       dedos polegar e indicador juntos nas pontas em forma de círculo e, supostamente, formando      um "K" com os outros dedos levantados.

Nuit des Arts Martiaux Traditionnels



Ippons - 16th All Japan Kendo 8-dan Tournament 2018

3rd Round-FINAL Ippons - 16th All Japan Kendo 8-dan Tournament 2018  第16回全日本選抜剣道八段優勝大会 第3回戦〜決勝 有効打突集 

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Thoughts on the sword

Interpretaciones peculiares y pe...culeares

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Kairākau - Patu

These types of short-handled clubs were mainly used as a striking weapon. The blow administered with this weapon was a horizontal thrust straight from the shoulder at the enemy’s temple. If the foe could be grasped by the hair then the patu would be driven up under the ribs or jaw. Patu were made from hardwood, whale bone, or stone.

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It may seem difficult at first, 
but everything is difficult at first.

Miyamoto Musashi

Heaven and Earth. Tai Chi, Taoism

Inner thoughts are covered in the book "Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing" 內功心法 藏於 鳳舞祥雲 書中 本功法根據道家自古歷代相傳奧理,以運先天之真氣為功法基礎,采元陽以補後天之陰損,氣通奇經八脈,調和十二經氣,平衡五臟六腑機能,提升免疫,抗病功能,易筋壯骨,寧定心神,排濁納新,養顏回春。 Phoenix qigong imitates the rotation of the earth. Through circular motions, the hands act as a guidance enhancing the internal flow of energy that comes with life. Internal energy is like blood. It is there in everybody by birth. Positive energy is gathered and built up to flow in order to clear blockages and strengthen the functioning of the internal organs, and make up the losses caused by wear and tear of everyday life. Exercising through tai chi like motions, energy is directed through the governing channels in the human body to balance the strength of internal organs, like ocean currents flowing through invisible channels across the oceans to regulate global climate. The improved organ functions improve immunity, resist illness, revitalize rejuvenation. The special methods relieve pain, ease stress and calm the mind. The practice is simple and easy to learn with precise indications for building up a strong foundation. While the learning is easy, the benefits of this practice last a life time. Joe Lok. Founder of Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing Qigong. 簡單易學,注解精微,一朝學就,永久受用。 道理深奧,包羅萬象,配合心法,融會貫通。 單式練習,可發揮針對療效, 十六式結合為一套路,成全面維護健康之功法。 每日片刻之功,延年益壽之德。 There are single forms for designated healing benefit. Sixteen single forms contribute a set to be practiced for health holistically. 駱偉民 鳳舞祥雲 養生氣功

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Chinese Archery Program

The Chinese Archery Program (CAP), founded in 2013, is a weekend-long training intensive that takes place at the Koppedrayer's Bamboo Farm in Odum, Georgia, USA. It features instruction, practice, talks, and discussions about traditional Chinese Archery. Whether you're learning thumb ring archery for the first time, an archer looking to fine-tune your form, or an archer looking for a group of like-minded friends to discuss archery culture or technical minutiae, all skill levels are welcome!
Shooting activities include technical work at the gaozhen (close-range bale for working on form), shooting from multiple distances, the Archery Ritual (a pillar of Chinese archery culture), as well as archery games. Lectures cover a range of topics from bow making to technique to culture and philosophy.
Taken from Vimeo